Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas BBQ

We had our Christmas BBQ at River Terrace. It was a lovely day for BBQ but it was quite windy and our BBQ stuffs nearly flew away. Ha! However, we managed to “catch” our stuffs on time and we enjoyed the BBQ too.

On the way to the BBQ place. Nice scene!

So much food!!! Let me shared with you what we had prepared here. We had...

 Caesar Salad
Garlic Bread
Satay chicken
Pork rib
Thai chicken burger
Peanut snowy

That’s a lot, right? You must wonder how can 5 people finished all the food. Of course, we cannot. Hence, we need to “ta pao” the leftover for dinner. :P

Yummy! This was my portion of food.

Alright, I will then stop writing here because I have to go to bed early as tomorrow is my BIG day! Hehe… Do you know what day is tomorrow?

Some random shots...

Yes yes, it is BOXING DAY! My crazy shopping day is here! I am looking forward for 4.30a.m now. Ciao.

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