Monday, December 28, 2009

Boxing Day Sales

Yay! The long awaited Boxing Day is here. Me, hubby, Chai Hoong and Harry started our shopping at 4.30a.m. I didn't managed to snap the crowd pictures as I was busy browsing the clothes. Oopss...

1 hour gone and there wasn’t anything that caught my eyes yet. Gosh! This was very frustrating. While I was kinda “lost”, I bumped into my colleague – Melissa. She was kinda in the same situation with me (didn't buy anything yet) and we wished each other good luck before we continued our shopping. Haha…

Well, that was incredible that I started to have some shopping “spirit” and there were a few stuffs that caught my attention. Haha, thanks Melissa for the luck! = D

Here are some of the things that I bought.
- 2 dresses (Wish)
- 2 tops (Wish)
- 1 short (Wish)
- 2 jeans (Guess)
- a pair of shoe (Mollini)

On Sunday, we went for a movie as we were going to have a day off on Monday. This is a first long weekend for us since June. There are not many public holidays over here. Too bad...

We arrived earlier. Hence, we were strolling around. We passed by Louise Vuition and Burberry shops; as usual we popped into the shop and have a look. Well, I didn't intend to buy any handbag as hubby had just bought me one on my birthday. =)

While I was browsing for the purse on the shelf, hubby brought around a handbag and asked me to try it. It is a leather made handbag, classy looking and of course, PRICEY too! Hubby decided to buy the handbag for me as he said it looks good on me. Wow, that’s great! Since it’s sponsored by hubby, why not, right? Hehe. = P

Thanks hubby for buying me this and love ya always! ^_^

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