Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Green Day Concert

Last concert for us in year 2009! The concert was held on 15 Dec at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park. We were all prepared for that day and while we arrived at the destination, we’ve been told that the concert was cancelled on that night due to food poisoning and postponed to the following night. It was really disappointing when we heard this. I was in the “concert mood” and “BOOM” a bad news like this!!! Well, nothing much we can do so we headed home. =(

1 day later…

Here we were. Fortunately, the concert was confirmed. We were glad they can make it and everyone there were so excited. I reckoned this one was the most entertaining concert that I had ever experienced compared with the previous two concerts (Cold Play and Rihanna & Chris Brown) that I went to.

They are awesome! I like their songs, the way they entertained the audience and the atmosphere in the concert as the band requested everyone to stand up and sing along. So it was kinda fun compared to if you’re just sitting there and watched them. They even requested some volunteers to go up to the stage to sing/dance along too. Well, I am not the lucky one. =P

Alright, I will stop talking here and share some photos with you. Enjoy~

He was “shooting” water towards the crowd.

After that, he was giving away the toilet paper to the crowd. Haha!

Lucky those who had been invited to the stage to sing along.

I think he must be tired! =P

-The End-