Saturday, December 5, 2009

J's Surf & Turf Japanese Buffet @ Brighton

It was a day out with Chai Hoong and Harry. We decided to have lunch at this Japanese buffet located at Brighton. Off we went to J’s Surf & Turf Japanese café. Although the café didn't look stylish nor luxurious, the food was pretty good though. Plus, it is an “All you can eat” style and only cost $28.00 per person. I reckon it was a great deal no doubt. = )

They also have some fresh oysters but you will need to pre-order 24 hours before hand. The oysters were tasty and fresh!

Thick slices of salmon sashimi. Hubby loves sashimi and all THESE must have fulfilled his craving!

Here are our orders! (sorry I can't remember the name of the food, so I'll just let the photo do the talking. Ha!)

The miso soup was ordinary.

Desserts are compulsory to end a satiated meal however I was disappointed with their dessert as they only served Vanilla ice-cream while I was yearning for the Macha ice-cream. Erm… one of the limitation but overall it was still jollity to us.

We went for a walk at Brighton beach to take some pictures at the famous beach huts. It was bright and sunny day unfortunately I didn't put on my sunscreen and I got a little bit of sunburn afterward (as it was gloomy when we came out from the house, out of sudden the sun came out!) :P Lesson learned, must bring along sunscreen wherever you go! *-*

It was a fun day out with you guys. Perhaps we shall have another catch up again soon! (";)


Fresh Local and Best said...

Oh my goodness all of those sushi pieces look incredible!

Evelyn said...

Thank you! = ) They were yummy too!