Sunday, November 29, 2009

Re-visit our “in progress” house

Yes, I was tagged along by hubby to Craigieburn to visit our house which is currently being built. Actually I was too indolent to go out on Sunday as typically Sunday will be my baking day. I’ve planned to bake some Christmas goodies this week and you know what!? Baking really cheers me up! However, I managed to bake one of the goodies before we went out. Hehe… good on me!

On the way to Craigieburn… (on the train)

Yay! My new house (only the frame at the moment… haha!)

Posing around the house... :P

Waiting for the bus to go to the train station... snapping around to pass time!

On the way back, hubby suggested that we stopped at Broadmeadows Shopping Centre before we get back to the city as we were bored with the shopping centre in the city.

Yeahhhh! Christmas is just around the corner...

While we were hanging around at the ground floor, I saw this restaurant – La Porchetta which serves the best pizzas and pasta! Hubby knows that I fancy Italian food, hence, he suggested to have our early dinner here. (Frankly, it was about 4.00pm) Dinner? Huh? It should probably be afternoon tea, right? Anyway, how can I say NO? I answered 'OKOK, let’s do it!' An utter pleasure… = )

We ordered a Super Special Pizza – homemade tomato sauce base, ham, mozzarella, anchovies, mushroom, olives, capsicum and hot salami.

A very thin slice of crispy pizza! Yummy yummy! =)

Another must try meal will be pasta! When come to pasta, I tend to choose cream sauce. Usually I will choose Carbonara but today I opted for something different (still with cream sauce though) which is Pollo e Funghi - Spaghetti with lean chicken pieces, spring onions, freshly diced mushrooms cooked with grated parmesan in a cream sauce. Oh yum! I enjoyed every bite of it.

Hubby also ordered a seafood platter for us – Frittura Mista. We tried this before and they were really delicious so definitely we didn’t miss it.

A basket of seafood containing 1 piece of fish, 7 calamari rings, 3 scallops and 3 prawns. You can choose one of the following sides: fresh salad or steamed vegetables or chips. Of course, chips were our choice!

Last but not least, sweet moment arrived! Hubby noticed that I kept eyeing on the dessert menu. :P He pampered me with this yummylicious ** Bacio Bon Bon**. A delicious dessert ice cream made by creamy bacio (a combination of chocolate and hazelnut) gelato with a cocoa syrup centre coated in chocolate and topped with meringue sprinkles. It was superb! (“;)

In that moment, I really didn’t mind those calories that I will gain. Well, I know I will definitely regret after that. :P However, it was a satiated meal for the day! Thanks to hubby for bringing me. ^_^


Oh ya, I was lucky to taste homemade "lobak" by Chai Hoong in the evening. It’s been ages since I ate this authentic Malaysian food.

The chicken was tender and juicy. I love the crispy outer layer the most and now I am yearning for more Malaysian food… LOL. Anyway, credit to Chai Hoong for the delicious lobak! = )


nick said...

I oso wan the ''Bacio Bon Bon''.it look very taste leh...when u back here,打包 for me ya.哈哈哈!!!every time see yr blog,must be happy cz got a lot of delicious sis in law look more handsome compare with previous.fernny go find u r?

Evelyn said...

Yeah, it indeed tasted yummy!I can bring you there next year when you visit me. = )

She came on September.