Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another catch up with buddies @ Khuntai Restaurant

Our main character that night - little pink baby girl (Ann’s daughter)

While waiting for the food, everyone wanted to take photos with the baby girl. She is so much welcomed by everyone.

She is so adorable! See, she was copied Yun Pin pointed at her opposite side. Haha!

She is so happy too! Clapping her hand and talked some baby language that we can’t understand. We pretended we understand though. =D

Yeahhhh, food arrived. Our orders…

Fried Calamari

Chicken XX
(oops sorry, can't remember the name of this chicken)

Belacan Fried Rice

Tomyam with Seafood

Waitress of the day! =P

Waitress #1 - Fernny
(Odd to see her served and she seems happy to serve everyone too! Haha)

Waitress #2 - Hui Yen
(She was so happy to serve everyone the rice)

Finally, Yun Pin managed to join us for dinner. She was absent for the Tao gathering as she was sick.
I was glad you came and thank you so much for coming although you were still in pain. Thanks ya sweetie. = )

Erm… she is good at posing!

Baby girl said: “hey you, don’t keep taking my pictures!”

I just realized that someone in this dinner is missing from the photos. Do you know why and who?


Because she is the CAMERAWOMEN – Patricia!
Haha... she was so happy!!! = D

Group photo time!

Top Left: Patricia ~ Yun Pin ~ Ferrny ~ Hui Yen
Bottom Left: Alxex ~ Me ~ little baby girl ~ Ann

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