Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lou Sang for a better year ahead!!!

On the last day I stayed in Malaysia which is the 6th day of CNY, we – the whole family went out for dinner.

Initially we planned to go to Penang for dinner then visit Kek Lok Si temple. Unfortunately, we cannot make it due to the bad traffic plus my flight will be in the early morning on the next day and I hadn’t pack my luggage yet. So, we ended up at Sunway Carnival.

Laid my thoughts on having Japanese food, so off we went to Sakae sushi. There were long queue outside the shop but we were lucky enough to get a table. = )

Mum n' Dad

Brother n' Nessa

Little brother

While I was scrutinizing through the menu I saw this “Happiness Yee Sang” and I told mum we should get one. As Chinese, we believe that Lou Sang will bring some good luck, fortune, health and prosperity! Also, the higher you toss, the better luck you will get! Ha ha

"Hapiness Yee Sang"

Everyone get ready…

Tossing the Yee Sang…

What a mess??? It was fun though. =P

Besides the Yee Sang, of course we’ve ordered some sushi and rice. I’ll just let the photos do the talking…



Hand Roll

Yokubaru Gozan that comes with scallops and chicken skewers

Here come the photos shooting session…

Mum n’ Dad – they were wearing the couple’s cloths (pink n’ red). Ha ha

My lovely brothers

My family =)

Brother n’ Nessa

Me n’ Nessa (my lovely sister) She is an adorable girl that I’ve ever met. =)

Mum n’ I

All of us with mum. Erm… where’s dad? Had been abandoned? Ha ha.
Of course not, he is just not that into this as he is prefers to be the camera man.

The young one…

Last but not least, this is the end of my CNY 2010. I’ve had so much fun for the whole 2 weeks I was staying in Malaysia. It was so good to have family members and friends around. Time flies… indeed. Leaving the festive mood behind and moving on to my life here in Melbourne. I’ve started to miss everyone already…

Oh… by the way, I have one last post to go which is my wedding ceremony! So yeah, stay tuned people! =D

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