Monday, June 14, 2010

June, favorite month, big surprise!

This post is back dated to 5th June, it was my birthday.

The weather was getting colder. Winter is officially here!

I woke up early to get ready as hubby was gonna bring me to the city (as now I am staying in the suburban which is not as convenient as previously when I was staying in the city) which takes us about 30 minutes by car. Plus, it was the beginning of the end of financial year SALES! Of course I won’t miss this event! =D

On the way to the city, the trees are all bald.

Initially after shopping in the city, we planned to go to Docklands to have seafood. Unfortunately, it rained heavily. We were lazy to drive around hence decided to have lunch at Chinatown instead.

There’s a newly opened Chinese restaurant so off we went to this restaurant to give it a try.

The fried oysters were the highlight. I don’t usually eat oyster but that was just stunning!

After lunch, we continued our shopping journey as I haven’t got my birthday gift yet! =O
With no luck I didn't get anything at the end of the day but I did get a few cloths and boots with a bargain price. Not as bad, right. At least something on my birthday… ** comforting myself**

We had our dinner at a modern Japanese bar, Wagamama at Flinders Lane.

We had Chili squid as entrée.

Our mains were Teriyaki Salmon and Braise Duck in Thai Curry.

The food was absolutely yummy!

Last but not least, *Black Forest* birthday cake from hubby… yum yum!

Few days ago, hubby mentioned there will be a surprise “birthday present” for me on Friday night (as last week I didn't managed to get anything for my birthday). It was kinda torturing as I kept thinking what hubby was going to buy for me.

Hubby showed me a Prada bag when he picked me up from work on Friday night! This is my first ever Prada, the nylon Jacquard+. Thanks so much, hubby. =)

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