Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wandering around in the city

Yesterday I headed to the city and meet up with August. It’s been ages since we last seen each other. I suppose our last catch up was on last summer, about 3 months ago.

Sorry gal, it’s been a while…

Since the SALE is still on, of course, we went for shopping! Before that we made our way to have some light lunch. We opted for Japanese food as both of us are trying to get some fat out of our body! =D

This scallop salad is really yum!

We decided to stroll outdoor as the weather was beautiful! The best thing to do is… camwhoring! =P

We managed to get some bargain cloths!**happy**

We planned to walk to the other end of the river. Unfortunately we didn't make it... too lazy as it is too far plus we were wearing heels!!!

Hence, we chilled at a café for some drinks.

My favourite drink during the winter – “Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows”

Some views infront of the café.

Having our tea break beside Yarra River… what a good view with a tasty yet beautiful cupcake!

What a wonderful day out! (“;)

Alright then, end this post with my favorite shot of the day! ^_^

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