Sunday, September 19, 2010

Explore Melbourne River Cruise on the Yarra River

This is the last post re mom’s visit.

We woke up early and headed to the city for breakfast. Our plan of the day was to experience the Melbourne River Cruise.

Breakfast of the day – crepes

Camwhored #1

Camwhored #2

While I was taking this picture for mom, the gentleman behind were trying to show some funny face. =D

Okay, off we went for the cruise after our lovely breakfast.

Camwhored #3

Camwhored #4

Inside the cruise

Camwhored #5

The captain

The cruise offered sightseeing through Royal Botanical Garden, CBD, Southgate, Crown Casino, Docklands and the Port. Enjoy the views below…

While travelling, the captain talked us through the history of the places. The cruise also provided complimentary tea and coffee.

Camwhored #6

We went out to the deck to take some fresh air. =)

Camwhored #7

Camwhored #8

Time flies! An hour just gone without being noticed.
We were strolling around the Alexandra Gardens as it was nearer the cruise dropped us.

Here, share with you some natural views…

Camwhored #9

At the same time as mom was taking picture for me, a group of teenagers behind me said they wanna be pictured too! =D

Camwhored #10

Camwhored #11

Our stomach was crazy rumbling!!! Hence we decided to stop our camwhoring session and off we went for lunch! Mom was in the mood for Nando’s.

Here we were…

Camwhored #12

Camwhored #13

It’s home time.

On our way to the Flinders Street Station…

Camwhored #14

Camwhored #15

-The End-

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