Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sightseeing @ Mount Donna Buang

We brought my my mother and in law to Mount Donna Buang to see some snow when they visited couple of weeks back. The journey was not too far away, which is approximately 80km from Melbourne. It is the closest snow mountain to Melbourne. Mount Donna Buang is suitable for sightseeing, snowplay and tobogganing.

Mount Donna Buang is part of the Yarra Ranges National Park. We were half way through…

Near the mountain top as you can see there was some snow along the road side.

It started snowing when we arrived.

Hubby's footprint

Mummy cannot stand the cold so after took a few pictures, she decided to stay inside the car! =P

Nothing much we can do or see over there as we didn’t walk all the way to the mountain top. Just took a few pictures then we headed home. Personally I prefer Mount Muller or Lake Mountain as there are more activities that we can do there. Due to mummy and MIL don’t want to ski and they prefer somewhere nearer.  =D

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