Thursday, September 9, 2010

Livebait Seafood Restaurant @ Docklands

There’s a promotion from the Herald Sun called “Split the Bill”. Present 5 tokens for each person at a participating restaurant and you will get 50% off for your bill. What a great deal, right?

Therefore, I tried to collect heaps of tokens for two of us since few weeks ago. We spent our first 10 tokens at Livebait Seafood Restaurant located at Docklands.

Let me show you this stylish restaurant…

The Entrance

Sitting near the balcony, you are right above the water, enjoying the nice view of Melbourne CBD and Etihad Stadium.

Mango/Raspberry Juice

Complimentary bread

Something to Share

Fresh Oysters

Tempura Oysters

Fried Calamari

Our Main

Char Grilled Tuna

Snapper with Tomato Salsa


Crème Brulee

Bombe Alaska

Meringue at the outside, ice cream in the middle layer and warm chocolate in the centre.

Overall, it was a good view, nice food and great price lunch we had for the lovely Sunday! =D

We will “explore” to another restaurant next week with the tokens. Till then.


Docklands said...

Great comments & photos! Which other Docklands restaurants will you try? Saganaki Greek restaurant and Bellissimo Italian restaurant are also on Split the Bill. I've been to those and loved it!

Evelyn said...

Thanks! My next stop will be Kobe Jones. =)