Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's Pick Your Own Cherries!

Hubby and I love berries/cherries so when they are in season, we will definitely buy them. A few farms offer the opportunities for people to pick their own so we decided to do that.

We had just visited our first berries picking at strawberry farm, the week before – Sunny Ridge at Main Ridge. It was a fun outing and we’d enjoyed the big and juicy strawberries.

So the following week, we visited a cherry farm – Cherry Hills at Orchards.

The farm is huge!

Ready to do some hard work? Let’s go…

These are cherries trees.

Spotted some very nice cherries on top of the tree. No ladder provided so the only way was “climbing up” to the tree. And of course this job will be completed by the only gentleman here. Teehee

Those cherries on my palm… they look tempting, right? They were picked straight off the tree so it’s a bit dirty on the skin. But you are allowed to eat as many of them as you want while you are picking.

Well, I didn't eat much while picking them as I am concerned about the cleanliness. We spent 2 hours in the farm and we managed to pick about 4kg of nice and juicy cherries to take home and enjoy. Happy!

On the way back to the counter to make payment for our cherries, hubby had captured some nice farm views from the top of the mountain.

Weighing our cherries…

Ended this post with a picture of me carried about 4kg cherries home and the picture of those cherries being washed! Yum yum…


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