Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let’s go ride a bike

Bike riding was one of the activities that I planned to do in this summer. Got my new bike a few weeks ago and the first ride were with a bunch of friends.

Our route was started from Bridgton Beach => Port Melbourne => back to Bridgton Beach again. It was like 15km… not bad huh! =D


I’ve planned to go for a ride at the neighborhood over the weekend. It was sunny in the afternoon and who knew it turned bad in the evening. Fortunately, it was just cloudy.

Hence, we went for a ride…

That’s me getting ready with my bike. =P

There are some newly open café, and convenience shops.

There are a few parks in our housing area. One of the parks that we went was this…

There are a tennis court, warm up/down stations and BBQ places for public to use.

Some new schools and the new Woolworths are coming soon…

There’s also an AFL (Australia Football League) ground, which is used by the Richmond Tigers for training.

This is the bus stop just opposite my house which I wait for my bus to go to the train station every morning. Quite convenience, right?
Well, the good news is I am going to have my Victorian driving test soon and if I pass I wouldn’t need to catch the bus anymore. Wish me luck! =)

Ok then… that is it for the bike riding post.

Don’t you just like summer weekends?
There are some activities going on…
So yeah, stay tuned people. More to come!
Till then.



fernny said...

1. keep hardworking for your bike riding....don't give up half way.
2. good luck for your driving test ~~~~

Evelyn said...

I hope I am not "Hangat-Hangat Tahi Ayam" =D
Thanks sis! I will let you know the result next month...