Monday, January 3, 2011

Visit to “Creepy Crawlies” n’ Strawberries Picking @ Sunny Ridge

This is a “Creepy Crawlies” exhibition of sand sculptures at Frankston Waterfront.

I believe most of us had made sandcastles at the beach before, right? But this… what I am going to show you is not simply easy peasy sandcastles. They are unbelievable masterpieces! Keep scrolling down; you will then understand what I am talking about here…

Ok, this is a remarkable artwork! They are amazing and I can’t believe those are made by sand. These people are very creative and talented. Alright, I will let the pictures do the talking. Hope you enjoy it as I do! =)

(1) The sculpture logo

(2) Flea Circus

(3) Sewer Connection

(4) Boogie Man

(5) Bed Bugs

(6) The Exterminator

The left side...

 ... and the right side

(7) Beetlemania

 (8) Lair of the Spider Queen

(9) Giant Scorpion

(10) A Closer Look

 (11) Enchanted Garden

(12) Little Miss Muffet

(13) Alice and the Caterpillar

(14) Roach Motel

(15) Ant Farm

(16) Frog Pile

Wandering around at Frankston Pier after the exhibition.

It was a lovely sunny day!

Grab a quick bite by driving through Maccas and headed to Sunny Ridge to pick some strawberries. It's strawberries season and it is a great summer outing.

First time trial on this new Chicken Mcbites, delicious! Do give it a try as I reckon it tastes better than KFC’s Popcorn Chicken. =D


Oooo… long queue! It took us about 15 minutes to get in to the strawberry farm.

Searching for the strawberries…

They are huge, aren’t they?

Love 'em to bits!

Yay! Filled up the empty boxes with these big and juicy strawberries!!!

 Bought an ice-cream to pamper ourselves after the “hard work” at the farm. Teehee

Love the Strawberry Yoghurt. It tastes sooooooooo good!


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