Monday, February 28, 2011

Ello... little bunny!

Spotted this cute little bunny in front of my doorway the other day.

Immediately whisperred to hubby to get me the camera so that I can capture it.

After a few shots she ran away! (I am pretending it is a female)

I was thinking to feed her some food, but she was gone :(

The funny thing was, hubby spotted her again in the afternoon at our back yard!

Isn’t she cute! Feel like wanna carry her but it is a wild rabbit…  better don’t take the risk of getting bitten by this little cute thing!

That’s just a random post for today. =)

Stay tuned for my next post – hubby brought me and brother to Sorrento for Dolphin and Seals sightseeing! Woo hoo!!!



fernny said...

Hey sis, this was a sign that you should have a rabbit baby. Do you get what I mean? kakakaka.....

Evelyn said...

Of course I do. =)

fernny said...

hope that I hear the good news the soonest.