Friday, July 25, 2008

Its Friday night...

Yeah, its Friday again...= ) Friday night is very happening in the city. Most of the people will come to city to have dinner, drinks, clubing, etc. Also, all those shopping places will close late compare with some other day. Most of the restaurants will be full house and we are lucky to get a seat in this Korean restaurant. Hohoho...

Entrence of the restaurant

Side dishes
Pickled Cucumber, Potatoes, Pickled Cabagge, Kimchi, "Tanghoon" and Beansprout

BBQ Porks and Scallops

The scallops are big and attached with "egg"... yummy yummy!

Spicy beef soup
Spring roll

Hmmm...its delicious! Hehehe...

After finished dinner, we went to have some dessert at a cafe. I ordered 3 desserts...wahahaha. I cannot control myself with these delicious strawberries tart, blackforest cake and fried ice-cream.

Yeahhh, it is so tasty! = P

~The end of Friday night~

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