Friday, August 8, 2008

Candle light dinner

This Friday night we went to a western restaurant which is located near with my apartment. The environment of the restaurant is very romantic. There's a candle on each of the table and they played the soft is good for dating! = )

Hope you guys enjoy the photos...

I am waiting for my hungry!

Rib eye steak which is belongs to hubby

Fish fillet which is mine! It looks good huh...

Okay, I am going to eat it!

The fish fillet is tasty but its too little. I am still not full after finish the fish fillet. So, I decided to buy chips when on the way back to home. I am waiting for my is very cold as its raining and it was only 3 degrees. By the way, behind me is the Flinders Street Railway Station...

Yeahhh!!! I got my chips...the white source is called "Indian" source (spicy mango source sour cream)

It is delicious! I love it so much...This is the reason why I gain weight so fast! The food is just too delicious!!!

We went back home right after got the chips as we were waiting to watch the Olympics opening ceremony... = )

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