Sunday, August 10, 2008

Box Hill

Box Hill is Melbourne's Chinese/ Hongkongnese suburb. Majority of the population here are Chinese or HongKongnese. You can find lots of chinese restaurant in Box Hill. I am waiting at the train station to go to Box Hill...How am I looking? Still the same like previous or become "fei mui" already? Wahahaha...

It is so windy today and its damn cold too! Gosh, we still need to walk around to find food for lunch. There's lot of chinese shop...

We decided to go for Chinese spicy food. I didn't take the shop's photo as the shop does not look too good. Although the shop is not looking good but the food is very nice.

Spicy fish rice

Spicy Dan Dan noodle - 担担麵

Wontan soup

Yam pancake

At night, we went for a movie at Melbourne Central. " Dark Knight" the latest Batman is nice huh! Did you guys watch already? = )

While waiting for the movie to start, we quickly snap a photo...hehehe

So, weekend is gone is too quick! I love weekend so much...awaiting for the coming weekend! See ya...

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nick said...

TO:lovely sis

izzit the guy is yr colleauge?why cook so many delicious foo??hahaha...u really look fat dee...but nvm,coz still pretty!