Saturday, January 17, 2009

AAMI Classic (Kooyong) - Roger Federer in Action

Most of the time I watched the tennis competition in the TV but this was my first time to watch in the stadium. The weather is beautiful and I was sun bathing for few hours! I had put a lot of sunscreen and still I had a little bit of sun burn.

Here I managed to watch Roger Federer - arguably the greatest tennis player the world have ever seen - won this pre-Australian Open title easily. He is only one away from equaling Pete Sampras’ record of 14 Grand Slam titles. We will definitely try to buy the tickets if Federer makes it to the final of the Australian Open next week. AAMI Classic Final
Hooray!!! We also managed to get Federer's autograph after the match!!


Waiting for the game

3rd place playoff between Fernando Verdasco and Fernando Gonzalez

Verdasco won

Yay! This is the moment we were waiting for... Roger Federer!!!

Game Started...

One Hour Later...of course he won the game!

Autograph please!!!

We followed him to the back of the tunnel. = P

Haha!! Finally...we got his autograph!


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