Friday, July 10, 2009

Eating out - Japanese Restaurant IV ~Teppanyaki

Friday night! Had teppanyaki with Chai Hoong and Harry at this Japanese restaurant – Ginza. The food was average and the portions are very small too. The teppanyaki set included yakitori, prawn, fish, beef, bean sprout and fried rice. When I looked at the menu, it seemed like a lot to me but actually all the food were just a piece each. (>o<)

Waiting for the chef to show up



A prawn

A fish

A beef (they cut into small pieces)

He was trying to show how well he can cut the eggs and thrown at the customer. (Not sure what is the point) Oh the only point that we can think is wasting the eggs! Also, he thrown the egg pieces to us and we had to catch with our mouths. Everyone managed to catch except me. The egg hit my face! Hmm… embarrassing huh. Hehe :P
Last meal was fried rice. The fried rice was really not good. Hubby said there was no taste at all and Harry said he can cook better. So, you can imagine how bad the fried rice was. He served the fried rice by throwing to us! (This is part of their entertainments for the customers) Everyone managed to catch it nicely but just me again. My fried rice nearly pours out from the bowl when I tried to catch it. Hmm… not a good day. :P

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