Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fernny & Jenifer's Visit

This post was supposed to be a September post! Why am I so behind for this post? There’s a VALID reason!!! This is because Ferrny (my lovely cousin) said that I have to wait for her to post her Melbourne Trip to her blog first and ALSO I was waiting for some photos from her. Well, finally!!! (this lazy pretty woman finally has done her Melbourne Trips’ posting :P)

Okay, Ferrny & Jenifer Melbourne adventure begins…
Day 2

We catched up on day 2 for dinner – Burger at the Grill’d which my colleague told me is damn GOOD! To be honest, I personally found that it was so so ONLY! Anyway, we still enjoyed our dinner. And Jenifer kept helping me to snap some nice views of the burger with her dSLR camera! She is the best! =D

2 Chicken Burgers with 2 different kind of breads and served with chips!

Here you go... this is my lovely cousin! Can you see that she can’t wait to eat the burger??? Wahahaha…

Day 3

Again, we met up on day 3 for dinner as well. This time we went to a Greek restaurant on Lonsdale Street. Well, the food did not disappoint us as they were soooooo yummy!

T - Bone Steak

Grilled Chicken Souvlaki

Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie)

After dinner, we continued to hang around along Swanston Street, Burke Street and China Town to snap some photos.

One of the photos taken in front of the State Library.

Day 5

On Saturday morning, we went to Victoria market together as I needed to do my shopping for the coming week. We had our brekkie at the food court and Jenifer was craving for Oysters so she bought a dozen of Oysters to share with hubby. (as I don’t eat Oysters)

Sausage Bun – Jenifer LOVES mustard soooo much! (see, how much she squeezed on her sausages! Haha!)

My yum yum brekkie - Egg & Bacon on toast

Hubby ordered - Fish & Chips

Fresh Oysters

We did some shopping before we went to a Korean restaurant for lunch. We ordered Korean BBQ set, Kimchi, and spicy squid. Overall, the food tasted superb! ^_^

Took this picture while looking through the menu. (we had a very good camera lady who always helps to snap our photos, thanks ya Jenifer = ))

We continued our journey – “shopping” after lunch. Ha! You know, ladies! ; )

……………….. few hours later………………….

Finally our feet needed to take a rest! So, here we were for our late afternoon tea at Lindt Chocolate Café.

Chocolate Hazelnut Gateau

Waffle with Lindt ice-cream

Orange Chocolate

Also, we ordered another bowl of Lindt ice-cream but unfortunately we forgot to snap the photo and only realized after we finished the ice-cream!

At night, we went to a pub at Crown for drinking. What a day of excitement! Besides, I reckoned I must had gained tons of weight that day! LOL
Day 6

The following day, we rented a car and went to winery and Healesville Sanctuary. We went to a few wineries like Yearing Farm, Domain Chandon and Rochford. Frankly, me and hubby do not drink wine but Jenifer enjoyed the wine tasting! For us who don’t really know about wine, we enjoyed ourselves with the nice scenery and delicious food! (";)

Domain Chandon

Lunch at Rochford winery

Our Appetizer

My Entrée - Mushroom Pithivier
field mushroom in homemade pastry with burnt butter and sage sauce
Jenifer’s Entrée - Confit Rabbit Mosaic
figs, dates, baby beets and brioche
Hubby’s Entrée - Char Grilled Quail
witlof, orange and mint salad with orange and sesame reduction
Fernny’s Entrée - King Prawn
prawn tortellini with shellfish bisque

I can’t remember what this is called… as per the waiter this is for us to have before our main course. It was sour!

For our main course, me and Fernny ordered the same dish which is Fish of the day – Salmon with some dressing (oops… sorry cant remember what's the ingredients for the dressing)

Hubby’s ordered Whole Braised Spatchcock

Jenifer ordered Seared Kangaroo Striploin with side sautéed broccolini with crispy shallots

We wanted to order some desserts after meals but then four of us were damn full by that time and no one can eat any further! Our next stop was Healesville Sanctuary. That was great; we had walking to digest the food that we had just eaten! May be able to lose some weight??? Haha… who knows? **wishful thinking**

Oops, forgot to show you guys the car that we rented for the day. Here you go… Audi A3! What a dazzling car! =P Hubby is a big fan of Audi and he had placed an order for an Audi A4 which is being sent from Germany and will arrive here in January 2010! (Without discussing with me first and he had just told me about this. Luckily I have a healthy heart if not I would have got a heart attack! =D)

Not many photos taken in the Healesville Sanctuary as we were kinda lazy after lunch! Even lazy to walk too! OMG! Was gonna become a PIG soon!!!

Dinner at Italian restaurant for pizza and pasta!

Tandoori Chicken Pizza

Caesar Salad

Fresh Oysters

Jenifer and hubby enjoyed their Oysters again… they ordered half a dozen at first but then that was not enough for them so they ordered another half a dozen! Good on them!

Day 7 (Last Day)
Time flies… this was the last night we had dinner together as Fernny and Jenifer were gonna fly back to Malaysia the day after. Well, we decided to have Japanese food.
Actually we were starving as we came out late and in addition the restaurant that I recommended was closed. Hence, we simply picked one of the Japanese café near by. We headed into the restaurant and ordered our meals without any delay!
Erm… can’t recall the names for those dishes! So will just let the photos do the talking. :P
So yeah, that was it! Thanks to the lovely gals for having so much fun together in these few days. I really enjoyed the time we spent together and hope to see you gals in 3 months time! **hug hug**
-The End-


Jenifer said...

Thanks for the lovely time in Melbourne Evelyn... you're da best ... can't wait to meet you soon :) cheers

Evelyn said...

No worries sweetie. You're most welcome. See you soon! (";)