Saturday, November 7, 2009

Emirates Stakes Day

Yes, this is it. Two weeks ago I was buying clothes for this event and today is the day. I was so excited and woke up early to prepare myself. =D The event was held at Flemington and trains were scheduled to travel to Flemington Racecourse every 4 minutes so it was really convenient for the public.

I had missed 2 trains because there were too many people going to the racecourse and I couldn’t get into the train. = ( So, gotta wait for the next one. By the way, it was a damn hot day! I think it was about 28 degrees.
The racecourse is very big and I was like a lost sheep looking for the corporate marquee under hot weather with my high heels (I don’t usually wear heels so it was kinda killing me). Finally I found it. Crossed over this “bridge” and I seen the corporate marquee in Members Birdcage.

Entrance to the Members Birdcage

After I went into the Birdcage, I need to look for Tabcorp (my company) marquee. So on the way, I saw some fabulous design marquee like Hilton, Lexus, Emirates, Myer and etc.

Oh yeah… I found Tabcorp marquee. Here is it. Well, not too bad huh the design.

The first thing that I did when I got into the marquee was to look for my manager. Hmm… actually I think I arrived early as I cannot find her. So, I entertained myself with a cup of orange juice and took some pictures! Hehe…

Since there were not many people yet, I decided to look around in the racecourse.

This is the public places where you can see people picnicking on the ground while watching the races.

There was a FREE make-up organized by L’Oreal, you can see soooo many ladies queuing under the hot sun! L’Oreal even provided umbrellas for them! Awesome service!!!

This is the place where horses were waiting. Every horse has it own “cubicle”. :P

It was so hot! I decided to go back to the marquee to get a cold drink as I was thirsty. On the way back, another photo taken in front of this classy design of Tabcorp marquee!

Obviously, there were more people now. I felt so good after had a glass of cold juice! Catched up with some colleagues from general accounting department and we were discussing about the races. There were 9 races for the day. I placed some bets on a few races (just for fun!). I am not a gambler and this is my first time (bet on horses). = D

Okay, now is photo shoot session…

Before I started working in Treasury department, I used to work as Accounts Payable and this is my AP manager. She is a lovely and sweet person.

Okay, this is my current Treasury manager. She is a very friendly person. You can see smile always on her face. (^_^)

When the race started, everyone will stop talking and focus on the TV and you can hear some screaming. The environment was full of excitement. That was really fun! Well, not to mentioned, I had no luck with my bets but it’s a new experience for me. (";)
After the races finished, the DJ started to play some music and people starting dancing. So, all of us also joined in the crowd in the dance floor (not really a dance floor but in the middle of the marquee). I think I had not danced for ages… felt a little bit awkward in the beginning. After all, I really enjoyed it as the DJ had done a good job. Ha ha!

It was nearly 7.00p.m. On the way out, I took another photo with these beautiful flowers.
Well, it was really a fresh new experience for me. My first time ever to watch horse racing and place bet on them. Also, I’ve wore my first fascinator (although it is just a small one). I saw some pretty ladies with their beautiful and elegance fascinators when I walked around in the racecourse. Maybe next time, I will try on something bigger and colorful. I think mine was not really visible as it is small and is in black color which is same color with my hair. Duh…

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