Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday

It was raining out there since the night before. Honestly I don’t like rainy day as it makes me feel so lazy. I was not in the mood for neither baking nor cooking. It was really hard to get myself out from the cozy bed.

We even had our breakfast on the bed and watching our favorite drama – Heroes, at the same time. Our breakfast was Garlic and Parsley Bread which is simple and quick to make. (Kinda lazy to prepare big breakfast)
..........…………………… movie continued ………………………………

Our lunch was junk food!!! Gosh, I think I had too much junk food! I can feel so much “FAT” in my stomach now. I was soooooo regretful! I shouldn’t eat those yummy potato chips and cookies. How? How? I told myself that, it’s ok. I will work harder during tomorrow’s work out! Hehe… (trying to find excuses to comfort myself)

From dramas to movies, movies to dramas… at last we finished all the movies and dramas that we downloaded. By that time, it was 8:00 at night and we didn't have our dinner yet. We were so lazy to eat out so hubby suggested that we order delivery of Indian food. So yeah, our late dinner was Indian food. We ordered Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Vindaloo, Fish Masala Curry and 3 pieces of Butter Naan.

Spicy!!! They were so spicy but we loved it. :P We were very satisfied with the food and definitely will order again in the future (when we feel lazy to eat out)

This is Chicken Vindaloo. I didn't take the photo for Chicken Tikka Masala because both of them look the same. So…

Butter Naan with Fish Masala Curry

Yeah, this is me with tiring face (see, my puffy eye) and hungry face too! :P

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